TV/Film critics say:

“Taylor’s music stands out as a fresh twist on the genre.”

-Entertainment Weekly

“The music Mike!” 

-Billboard (Michael Jordan’s Playground)

“A dark and racy spin on the most sophisticated Spy music.”

- All Music Guide Type your paragraph here.

Joe’s career as composer for film and television includes scores for the hit CBS series Stephen King’s Golden Years, the Discovery Channel’s SpyTek with Roger Moore, ABC Television’s Turning Point, feature film Veronica and Me, the A&E Network’s Spies, and on and on.

Presently, Joe is proud to announce that he is attached as Composer and Music Supervisor to acclaimed film director Tom Anton’s next feature film. (working title: What If , principle photography to begin in New Orleans, Spring, 2017) Joe will continue in this capacity for Anton’s additional upcoming projects.

After living and working in Manhattan for 20 years, Joe moved both home and studio to an island on the coast of South Carolina, where his custom-built studio Salt Creek was completed in 2010.

A state-of-the-art facility, Joe sought to combine the old-school with the new, from a fully tweaked Synclavier and Direct To Disc system (very old-school), to the latest in Pro Tools and Logic systems and plug-ins, all monitored through a vintage Neve 48 channel console.